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  poza apr 2016 M_Diculescu

We meet again in Bucharest this year for a new National Meeting in the dynamic field of IBD. The Inflammatory Bowel Disease pathology has at least three hot spots for Romania at the beginning of the XXIst century: increasing incidence and severity, paralleled by the better knowledge for basic etiopathogenic mechanisms and novel therapeutic solutions.

With the valuable help of our European friends, our National Symposium is beginning to have an International format, supporting the quality of Romania as an active member of ECCO.

We will try this year, in less than three days, to start a trip through the European IBD landscape, sharing our experience with coleagues from abroad, with topics related to current diagnostic tools, as well as novel therapeutic solutions. Along dedicated conferences, symposia and courses, our Meeting will have a Young IBD Investigators Session, pediatric topics (we greet with this occasion the recently established pRCCC), patients dedicated events and an IBD Nurse meeting. We will definitely not be able to cover all the aspects of this complex pathology or to be able to share all the experience that we would like, but we hope that this Meeting will be able to raise at the level of your expectations and increase your knowledge with new information.

Kind regards,

In the name of the Organizing Committee,

Mircea Diculescu

Bucharest, 29.09.2016